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Aphrodite Pearls

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Pearl Slide Earrings by Carrie Hoffman Jewelry, 14 karat recycled yellow gold 
O’Keefe Jewelry Dish by Beau Rush Ceramics, glazed black clay 

Honor the mothers in your orbit with the beauty and strength of earth’s most precious materials - glazed black clay combined with the everyday ritual of fine jewelry. A beautiful gift for the most discerning woman, made for women by women artisans on the west coast. 

Pearls have been known as feminine gems throughout history, symbolizing femininity, purity, determination, perfection, and romance. Pearls were first worn by men in ancient Rome and were associated with power, wisdom, health, and happiness. They have a direct association with fertility – as it is a mystery for the oyster to contain a pearl in its shell, as it is a child in a woman's womb as well as giving birth. As pearls are formed inside of a living organism, they are thought of as "living" gem, and grow inside the shell and enter the world as humans do. We honor the beauty of pearls with these gold pearl slide earrings that nestle perfectly within our glazed black clay jewelry dish.